Under Development

A breakthrough in insulin delivery technology developed by Fosse Bio-Engineering Development Ltd (a 51% owned subsidiary of Smart Ascent Limited which the Group has 49% equity interest) in collaboration with Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Diabetes & Insulin

Diabetes is a chronic disease with disordered metabolism, characterised by high level of blood sugar and associated with complications such as cardio-vascular disease, cerebral disease, kidney failure, blindness and foot disease. Lack of treatment will lead to mortality.

Insulin, which is a kind of protein, is medically used as an effective diabetic treatment. and most of the insulin drugs are currently available in injectable form.

The Patented Technologies

The relevant technologies, granted with patent in the PRC and United States respectively, are applied for producing Oral Insulin in capsule form to enable insulin intake by oral route.

Insulin Intake by Oral Route

The oral route is considered to be more convenient, safer and painless way of administration, thus improving the quality of life for patients.

Progress of Development in the PRC


The global prevalence of diabetes and pre-diabetes is growing fast especially in the developing countries. Information from International Diabetes Federation shows that, in 2013, about 382 million people worldwide are estimated to have diabetes. The PRC has the world's largest diabetic population of 98.4 million. In light of a high-growth diabetic population in Mainland China and the central government's long-term goal to provide universal healthcare services to the country’s population, there exists enormous market demand for new diabetic drugs.